Myth of the Month: The Birth of the Minotaur (1981)

originally published in Wyrms Footnotes #12

The Birth of Minotaurus – A Theyalan Myth

In ancient days a great young god, the Storm Bull*, sought new wonders to call his own. When he crossed the Bridge of Passage it bent under his weight.

At the Court of Conflict the Storm Bull engaged in contests with Kargan Tor, God of Endings. Special abilities and powers were the prizes. Storm Bull won some of the contests and lost others. In the end he had acquired those abilities evident during his Battle Rage.

When the Storm Bull left Kargan Tor’s Court of Conflict he chanced upon a band of enemies. For the first time Storm Bull was able to use his new abilities. He did so with relish. Afterwards he was renowned for his ferocity and skill during his Battle Rage.

As he crossed the earth with great swaggering strides one day he spied a most beautiful woman and became enamoured of her. During those days of love and life she bore the Storm Bull a son who begat a race of half-men/half-beasts. Their father was called Minotaurus and their mother is a daughter of Uleria, Goddess of Love. The race, called Minotaur, inherited their grandfather’s Rage as a natural ability and are greatly feared for their battle lust.

* The founder of many cultures was some great magical animal, and is portrayed as the Storm Bull only when it was even-toed and horned (never antlered). Thus, Bison people use bison-headed images of the Storm Bull, and so on.

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