Greg Sez: How Does the Red Emperor Rule? (Feb 1999)

Question From NICK BROOKE. Answer by Greg Stafford. Originally published February 1999.

Q: Martin Laurie’s Q&A about the Red Emperor’s parties mentioned: “Before the death of Takengi the Emperor was centered upon his Yelmic souls, as befits one who rules in the way of a Dara Happan.”

But the best widely-available overview of the Lunar Empire and Dara Happa, in the Genertela Book, says that in the First Wane of Lunar history, “the patriarchal Dara Happans resisted integration by the feminist Lunars, resulting in political and religious conflict. The Tripolis revolted. From 1270 to 1285 war raged in the Oslir valley, but eventually the cities fell to the Red Moon. The government which had united the cities was exterminated and the Dara Happan lands divided among several Lunar states.”

This strongly suggests that the Red Emperor did not rule in the way of a Dara Happan emperor, given that one of his first major actions was the dismemberment of the ancient DH empire and its replacement with a new government and a new array of “Lunar” successor states.

Can you clarify this, please.

A: Happily. I cite here from the best not-so-widely available overview of the Empire, The Fortunate Succession.

The government of Dara Happa has been reorganized several times since the Dawn. The despotic rule of the Jenarong dynasty was replaced by a more collective administration of Khordavu (26th Emperor). Erzanestyu (35th) instituted a Senate to advise the emperor (though it was subsequently gutted of its powers and significance). Dismesiod (48th) hanged protesters to his rule and instituted the New Witnesses, with new offices and positions. Sarenesh (57th) incorporated many Carmanian practices, only to have them brutally purged by Karsdevan (59th). Other examples exist. All of those were Rulers of Dara Happa, and “ruled in the way of Dara Happa.” Takenegi’s changes were no more radical than most of those cited here.

Takenegi’s continuation is also indicated by the fact that he was enthroned using the ancient rites, and followed the ancient customs upon that enthronement. He even underwent the Eleventh Test to prove he was the true emperor.

Furthermore, Takenegi spent the first century or so proving that he was still the proper Solar-type Emperor. He underwent the complete ceremonies as Lord of the Four Quarters, and then went on to perform others.

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