Greg Sez Guest: Dragon Slayers and Dragons of Saird (Feb 1999)

Occasionally Greg had guests answer the Q&As in Greg Sez, this one had a twist!

Question from GREG STAFFORD. Answers by HARALD SMITH.

Q: “Who were the famous Sairdite kings of war who fought against the EWF?” 


Henjark Dogsbreath [ca.921-925] who first rose against the dragons and slew the Heart of Gold.

Madasharesh Paraham Verenmars [960-991] the greatest of the kings. Verenmars rescued the Dog Father from the Lost Pack. He slew the ManDragon of the Riverjoin Palace [at the conjunction of the Oslir and the Aryela rivers] and bound it to the Net of Jajagappa. He gained the Divine Cup of Vingkot. He fashioned the Ring of Saird and woke BarDom at its heart. He gained the friendship of Holaya, the Red Woman, but married the Earth Queen. At last, he fought and slew the Shadow of the Golden Dragon.

Dumacaresh Heelbiter [991-1001] who entered the Dragon’s Bowels to unleash the Nightmare Run and the Darkwind Raid, bringing fears to the Above and Beyonds.

Hagikarvesh the Rabid [1001-1012] who slew the Little Wyrms and the Dragonclaw Spectres, but was cursed by the Magi.

Pilavaresh Bonecrusher [1012-1033] who broke the backs of both the Black Eel and the Red Wyrm and crushed the Brother Dragon.

Ashaloresh Marroweater [1033-1059] who slew the Soul-tongued Dragon.

Verrogors Blackdog [1059-1075] who seized the Dragonwall only to be betrayed by the Sylilans. When he returned he slew the Crimson Horned Dragon.

Suzaraug the Warhound [1075-1092] who slew the Dragon Ram and let loose the Dogs of War.

Wyrmskull [1092-1108] who captured the mind of the Seven-banded Wyrm and slew the Inhuman King twice.

Sharvenatars the Summoner [1108-1120] who summoned the True Golden Horde. He called forth the Dog Fathers and the Rising Stallions. He carried the Net of Jajagappa. He slew the Dragon Emperor and tore him apart in the Dragonkill. Because he was a descendant and true servant of Jajagappa that god came and cast his net into the maw of the dragon to preserve him from oblivion.

Dorshenab Lost Howl [1120-1124] who carried the Dog Standard from Dragon Pass and created the prophecies of Saird.

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Q: Which were the dragons that the Saird Kings conquered?


A: The dragons were these:

The Heart of Gold which lurked in a golden tower in Mirin’s Cross.

The ManDragon, the unholy one, who lurked within the Palace of Two Calming Waters at the Riverjoin.

The Shadow of the Golden Dragon which dwelt in Dara Happa.

The Dragon’s Bowels which opened into Hell.

The Little Wyrms and the Dragonclaw Spectres, monstrous creations of the EWF which swarmed across the land.

The Onyx Eel and the Ruby Wyrm, foul corruptions of the once mighty rivers the Black Eel and the Red Wyrm.

The Brother Dragon which ever followed its masters like a dog.

The Soul-tongued Dragon which was never seen itself, but ever accompanied by its dream-spawn.

The Crimson Horned Dragon which rose up from the Aggar highlands.

The Dragon Ram, brought north by its servants to attack the great cities.

The Seven-banded Wyrm aided by the warriors of the seven parts.

The Dragon Emperor, the ultimate and foulest creation of the EWF which sought to rule all the world.

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