Myth of the Month: Malkioni Otherworld (2001)

The Sorcery World is the Western Otherworld

Sorcery means here any magic in the material world (a.k.a. the Center World, the Shared World, etc.). whose origin is that Otherworld. Their system comes from deductions derived from their magic. They acknowledge that several things may be deducted from that data, and that many of those are errors of various sorts. Some of those errors have resulted in entire subcreations (such as the Godworld and Spirit World).

Logic, mental clarity and similar functions are the primary tools to apply to the magical experience to discover the source of the magic. Historical events have shaped subsequent understanding.

The Zzaburite structure of abstract devolution to the material provides the framework for all subsequent explorations. Its reality has never been proved in error. It says there is an unknown source of creation that can be known only through direct experience of it. Various beings (Descending Malkion, Danmalastan residents, the gods, the spirits, the chaos) for various reasons (Materialism, Sin, Pride, social power, to Explain) have constructed methods of thought and/or experience to help people reach that unknown. Regrettably, humans are so stunted that direct contact is nearly impossible now except through following one or another of many methods to control magic, thereby opening the way for them to the unknown.

Every component in that formula above has been scrutinized and interpreted many times by various ascended masters and spiritual logicians so that they, their leaders or followers could understand. Each of these reveals a different way to worship its ultimate. Thus the original point of creations has variously been known and worshipped as:

Kiona, Before Action (Zzaburite).
Solace (Ice Age era Malkionism).
Joy (Hrestolism).
Makan, or One Mind (God Learners).
Kionvara, the Right Power (GL).
Zabandan, a heresy destroyed that said sacrifice to the One God was OK.
Irensavel, the Hidden Mover (Fronela).
Idovanus, the One Right (Carmania).

Sketchy Explanation

Kiona, Before Action (Zzaburite)

Brithini Life Disciplines, “Living the Law.”

Core documents: Blue Book of Zzabur. These documents require attuned magical senses that humans can acquire only through labor and study. No complete copy exists in the world today.

Danmalastan was the Perfect World of the Malkioni that was gradually encroached by false worlds. Malkion lived at that time, and although many chronicles were written, few exist now. Because Malkionism as it was practiced increasingly separated the origins of magic as the Otherworld, the ordinary world became less and less imbued with that magic. It was unable to resist more powerful magic, and most of Danmalastan, its peoples and its former saintly inhabitants were destroyed.

Solace (Ice Age era Malkionism)

God and Malkion the Sacrifice, ascended masters and human intercessors, “primitive rites.”

Core documents: various books, localized variants of earlier Danmalastan magics.

Joy (Hrestolism)

Hrestol the Prophet, “God is a Personal God.”

Core document: “Book of Hrestol.” The resonance of God As Man created a new approach to sorcery, or applied magic, starting at this time. After this, too the Otherworld has the increasingly defined Logic Plane with which humans act. It could be said that it is inhabited by beings, and such reality has been judged many times to be both good and bad. Modern Hrestolism (Fronela) considers it good, Rokarism says bad.

Invisible god (Abiding Book)

One Universal Being, knowable through the “Abiding Rites,” used for public worship.

Core Documents: The Abiding Book.

Makan, or One Mind (God Learners)

Universal Mind.

Core document: Sharp Abiding Book, an abridged and abbreviated version of the larger document. It is “sharp” because it became several antagonistic forms of severe fundamentalism at its most keen.

Kionvara, the Right Power (GL)

The One True Way.

Core documents: multiple, this being a popular religion used to exploit foreigners.

Zabandan, the Ultimate Sacrifice

This heresy said pagan type sacrifice to the One God was OK.

Irensavel, the Hidden Mover (Fronela)

One Universal Being, unknowable, that requires moral behavior and action through the “Messenger’s Rites,” used for public worship. The Messenger in question is Tomaris, a follower of Hrestol when he came to Fronela in the First Age.

Core Documents: The Abiding Book, Blood witness (by Tomaris).

Idovanus, the Universal Right (Carmania)

Carmanos revealed how Idovanus self-developed from “the great beyond” and in doing so created Ganesatarus, God of Evil.

Core book: Laws of One and Two, many abridgements of which are popular and more widespread such as Carmanos Speaks, and so on. By following strict behavior and practices, even wayward gods are redeemable under Idovanus.


Modern Rokarism is the modern version of orthodox Malkionism, accepting only the Abiding Book as Truth and practicing only the Abiding Rites. They openly support schools of impersonal thought, and frown on organizations centered on an ascended master’s personality and acts instead of his teaching and knowledge.

Greg Stafford

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