Pelandan Cosmology

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[This is dated to about 112 230, the time of Teelo Estara’s departure on Her Self Journey. It therefore does not include any of the Lunar influences on Pelandan thought that are apparent in the Hero Wars era.]

All is Change, All is Balance: Wisdom from the Pelandan Philosopher

Where Did the World Come from?

Glororanor was. Within Glororanor lay all possibilities, and from Glororanor emerged Ma-Elsor. Ma-Elsor bore Eth-Elsor, the feminine, and Vogmaradan, the masculine. Vogmaradan seized Kassa, the desire for life, and mated with Eth-Elsor. She bore a child, and subsequently many more. Their children shaped and inhabited the world, taking their places in the lakes and rivers and raising the mountains. …

The High Gods


Jerontius taught us that all is change, all is balance. He showed us how to attain freedom from the pain of the fractured world. But his practices of self discipline are too difficult for most, so the blessed prophet Idomon showed us how to understand his Way through the other High Gods. By worshipping the High Gods we can grow our immortal Harmony soul, and so in some future life return to the unity and joy of Ma-Elsor.


Oria is the goddess of success. We love her as the balance for masculinity. She shows us how to nurture and appreciate ancient things. She is our strongest connection to Ma-Elsor (the Great Ancestress), and gives us barley, pigs and cattle. She blesses the Oria soul of women, giving us wives and children.


Turos is the god of tersu: heat, power and masculinity. We love him as the balance for femininity. He shows us how to construct and change. He gives us the things we make with our hands, and the tools with which we make them. He blesses our Turos soul so we have the energy and desire to fashion beautiful and useful things.


Entekos is the goddess of virtue. We love her as the balance for wantonness that undermines community. She shows us how to behave respectfully to each other. She gives us the friendship of our fellow citizens. She blesses our Beauty soul, so we can appreciate and produce artistry.


Uleria is the goddess of love. We love her as the balance of separation. She shows us how to enjoy our spouses. She gives us a glimpse of Ma-Elsor.


Bentus is the god of pleasure. We love him as the balance for misery and fussiness. He shows us how to enjoy the company of our friends. He gives us beer and feasting.


Idovanus is the god of order. We love him as the balance for ignorance, error and darkness. He shows us how to behave carefully with each other. He gives us the laws of out ket. He blesses our Intellect soul, so we are more than beasts.


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