Myth of the Month: The Vithelan Creation of the World (1998)

Before the High Gods

Durapdur is All. All begins with Durapdur. Durapdur began when he perceived the Three Measures of space, duration, and consciousness.

Durapdur then perceived a smaller version of himself within those measures. The smaller self was called Atrilith who was the First Being.

Atrilith then applied his Being to the Measures, and in that way made the first of the other beings. They were the High Gods.

The High Gods

Atrilith was the first movement. He is Creator. He was the First Being.

Atrilith made the Three Sounds, which were the Beings of the Measures. They were the Being of Consciousness, the Being of Space, and the Being of Duration.

The first sounds then harmonized with each other. The Beings, innocent and unknowning, played like children. From their frolic came three new beings who were named the Cosmic Musicians.

The Cosmic Musicians were made of Music, and at first they were simply the First Sounds in movement. Then among them came Atrilith, who made them into Beings so that they too played, and so the music became the Musicians. As had happeneed before, when these three played then out from their happiness came more beings. Out of the cosmic music came the Cosmic Dancers.

The Cosmic Dancers were Oorduren, Majadan, and Erdires. As they moved they made the world of the livng which was above, the world of the dead which was below, and the world of life and death in the center. Oorduren danced in the center of the world and was the first Master Sage. Majadan and Erdires worked together, each touching the other so that they experienced desire, pleasure, and fulfilment. Majadan and Erdires every movement made the hills and rivers and stars and shadows, and everything that can be sensed and known.

Majadan and Erdires were the first beings to experience sexual desire, and in their long relationship they expressed this in many ways. They are the First Parents of all the mortal races of the world.

They are also called the God and Goddess of Love, (Iste and Yothenara) who were created from the experience. Thus Iste is the Desire, Yothenara the Desired.

Iste and Yothenara once went and danced for the Cosmic Musicians, who until then had only played music. The Musicians were so moved by their performance that they became the Second Dancers. In this they discovered that that they had names and were different from each other. They found that Vith was a god, and Laraloori and Gebkeran, were goddesses. When the Second Dancers danced they too had sex, and many children. Vith was father of them all. The children of Vith and Laraloori are the gods and the children of Vith and Gebkeran were the antigods. The Parloth and Adpara (gods and antigods) each moved into their natural spheres and inhabited the world their parents had made.

One day the Cosmic Musicians went to their teachers, and they played their instruments for them. The Sounds were so pleased by the beautiful sounds that they turned and looked into the world, and thereby became Beings of the world. Korudel is now The Wise God, while Chaquandarath is the priest of the High Gods and Genderatha is the priestess.

Then Atrilith was done with his work, and he returned himself to Durandar, which was far beyond the reach of all beings except for the High Gods.

The High Gods are the great principles upon which the universe was created. They are great Beings and were at first so lofty that normal human sacrifices could not reach them. Thus only the gods normally sacrificed to them. People mostly worshipped the children of Vith called the Parloth (Gods).

The first of the Parloth were Karkal, the Lord of Burning; Veldru, the storm god; Yothbedta, the Gardner; Horandaru, the Craftsman; and Prosandara, the Mother of Animals [of land and of air].

Greg Stafford

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