Greg Sez: Malkioni Literacy (May 1999)

Question from NICK BROOKE. Answer by Greg Stafford. Published 1st May 1999

Q: The Myth of the Month (Danmalastan) says one of the tasks of the Malkioni Commoners (Dronar caste) was that they “recorded information”. This sounds to me more like a Zzaburi function, based on previously published material. What’s happening?

A: The entry refers to the original Dronar of the six ancient tribes. These six tribes were characterized by different functions which were unique in each tribe. The Dronar described as the ones who “recorded information” were basically the worker class for the Tadeniti. At that ancient time before Death the people didn’t have the need to even eat, so that the Tadeniti were (at first) all engaged in the art and skill of writing. Also, literacy is not the exclusive domain of the Zzaburites, whose specialized social function is to manipulate sorcery. The Talars have been described as the diplomats, merchants, and leaders of the Brithini, all being functions which are best performed with copious record keeping. The military rank and file, however, have traditionally been illiterate, as have the farmers and other commoners, for as long as I have known about Glorantha.

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