Greg Sez: Who was Baroshi? (Jun 1998)

Question From LARRY LYNCH-FRESHNER. Answer 1998 Greg Stafford. Published Jun 1998.

Q: Who was Baroshi? We know he’s a minor god found in Snakepipe Hollow, but how does he fit into the larger mythology of the world?

A: Baroshi is a very minor denizen of the Storm Age. Baroshi’s entire life story never departs outside the underground home of his parents. Nonetheless, he has something which neither of his parents have: a chance to be worshipped.

His father Varalz was a storm lord who was often off helping Orlanth fight against chaos. But Varalz was destroyed by Termain Osboropo, was buried, and is now gone. Enori was an earth queen, as evidenced by her subterranean palace. Both of them are, by virtue of their death by chaos, beyond any further contact.

Baroshi could become the object of worship. His powers, as shown in the story, are to defeat and turn away chaos, and worshippers could obtain this power. If a hundred or so worshippers sacrificed to Baroshi he could reveal what other powers, if any, might be within his golden barley, blossom-imprinted body.


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