Library of Londarios: Postcards From Glorantha (Mar 2004)

by Greg Stafford, published March 2004.

I was challenged to give some illustrations to artists and seekers who need to visualize Glorantha more clearly. This document attempts to do so.

You will NEED a copy of Natural Wonders of the World, Readers Digest Association, 1980 ed. All page references herein are to that book.

Amazon: Natural Wonders of the World, Readers Digest Association, 1980 ed.

Google Books: Natural Wonders of the World, Readers Digest Association, 1980 ed.


Gloranthan Place

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Feethos River

27, Abiod Valley;

aka Fever Trees. This is the borderlands between the Wastes and Teshnos. The river, deeply lush, flows from those distant Ti Shan mountains. Those cities of mud huts are populated and often raided by animals nommads.

Seshnelan Islands

36, Aland Isles

These tree-covered islands lie south of the Old Seshnela Penninsula. We can see that the land there just slowly sank, leaving these slightly higher places above water.

in the Wastes

54, Arak Gorges

desert gorges

The Vent

55, Mount Ararat

Here we see the largest volcano in the Holy country. Pencilled in are some slight changes to the photo to add other nearby landmarks.

Valind’s Glacier

58, Arctic Region

mountain tops sticking out identify this as Alustan Mts, sacred to Valind, Winter Storm God.

Vulture Country

65, Badlands

Typical of rugged, hostile lands between Prax and the Wastes. Please remember that Vultures Country is worse than either Prax or the Wastes.

Southern coast of Wastelands

70-71, Band-e Amir

This is typical of where the plateau meets the sea, showing why it is considered inaccessible to sailors.

Sartar Hills

73, Bateke Plateaus

These rolling green hillsides are pretty typical of the hills around Quivin Mts., and across most of eastern Dragon Pass (ie-Sartar.)

Sable Plateau

75, Benbulbin

We are looking here at the northern edge, which is nearly fifty miles wide. That shows that they are almost fifteen miles high (!)

Manirian Coast

78, Big Sur

shows typical occasional beach all along Caladraland and its chain of volcanic hills.

An Eastern Isle

84, Bora Bora

gee, pretty.

Skyreach Mts.

95, Caucasus Mountains

The Skyreach are the tall peaks which abruptly rise to reform the Rockwoods Range. One of these (arrow) is Orlanth’s sacred Mount Arrowmound. (KoS, p 74)

High Llama Pass

102, Colchis

In the Rockwood Mountains, Between Ralios and Fronela. Over that steep slope lies the only pass for hundreds of miles in either direction. We are in Ralios here, looking northward.


107, Cotopaxi

white volcano cone

Dorastor Today

110, Craters of the moon

A portion of the desolated land as it appears today.

Mislari Mts

111, Crimean Peninsula

From Maniria, looking northward to mts. This is in the Arstola Forest, looking towards where Captain Ethilrist found his (now lost) pass.

The Zorian Gorge

115, Danube River

In Fronela, north of Zoria. Note how the gorge goes right to the river.

Stormwalk Mts.

131, Drakensberg

Looking westward, from Prax. The scattering of buildings barely visible below are the “town” of *. NB – tops of other mountains should be visible over that crest line.

The New Fens

143, Everglades

treacherous muddy ground supporting sawgrass.

Rocks of ?

145, Fingal’s Cave

In Slontos. These show the remains of the once-massive wall which was raised to hold back the sea. It was breached, leaving this scar.

in Pamaltela

148, Fouta Djallon

invisible giants (ie-gods) live on top.

in Troll lands

152, Montanas del fuego

Mt. Jernotius in Winter

153, Fujiyama

Looking eastwards. The pool in the foreground is…

Thunder Delta

154, Ganges Delta

From aloft, looking northward, in the spring time when the water is in flood.

Rockwood Mountains

165, Grand Tetons

between Dragon Pass and Balazar area

some Pamaltelan Mountains

172, Grossglockner

A Valley in the Shan Shan Mits.

173 Black Canyon of the Gunnison

exceedingly craggy river valley


174, Hamam-meskoutine

frozen waterfall/water crest

Shan Shan mountains

181, Himalayas

between Kralorela and Wastes


187, iguassu falls

wide, multiple wateralls

Quivin Mountains

195, Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger

Craggy mountains, typical of Stormwalk/Quivin range

? Top of the World

198, Karakoram

Highest mountain in Rockwoods

Wintertop Mt (part)

203, Kilimanjaro

There is another, reaching peak atop the one shown


212, Kweilin Karst

In Kralorela

Shadow Plateau

230, Mardalsfoss

Looking north, from the MIrrorsea

Right Shoulder, Caladraland

258, Moskenesoy

note mountains around “fiords”

Oasis in Pamaltela

262, Nefta


276 Old Man of Hoy

in Kralorela

A Place in the Wastes (?)

277, Mount Olga

in Wastes

A Fabulously Interesting Formation of Unknown Gloranthan Location

283, Cape orso

Scale is actually huge

Grazelander Hills

307, Puys Volcanic Chain

Relatively unforested

Pencranthos Bend, Oslir River

315, River Rhine

This is at a site in Saird, about 40 miles upriver from Jillaro. About twenty miles up river further the surrounding land drops from these dramatic heights, which are typical of the river through much of Saird. The hills in the distance are the Sylila Hills. [The ships in the photo are (in Glorantha) a chain of barges being towed by a (cattle-driven paddle-wheeler?).]

A part of the Rockwood Mts.

323, Rocky Mountains

heavily forested, high mountain clear lake

Valind Ice Sheet

326, Ross Ice Shelf

source of glaciers, the shelf extends hundreds of miles out to sea

Yolp Mts

327, Ruwenzori

Viewed from Darjiin. See foothills in front. Actual outline indicated in pencil.


335, San Andreas Fault

Scale is actually huge, and this is the edge marking… [ignore telephone poles]


341, Sanshi Loess Region


Suface of Rufelza

344, Simpson Desert

What color, eh!

Grey Mountains

349, Snake River

Viewed from Erigia. There are probably more mountains behind them, too. This river is the Denjen River.

Heortland Coastline

351, Sogne Fjord

Typically, the navigable arm of the sea cuts further inland, beyond what we see here, but ultimately ends in a waterfall.

The Dead Place

377, Tibesti Soda Lake

The darker brown areas are where gods fell recently. The white is a deadly “snow” of chemicals. This is in the northern part, about seven days’ south travel, looking northward from whence we came. We are on a rare outcrop of actual rock.


380, tinajani Canyon


Mabakari Saro

382, Lake Toba

aka Sweet Sea, between Fronela and Peloria. Here we see the easternmost part, part of Bindle. The hills are called Himelgerza, and are the foot hills of the Grey Mts.

A Wasteland Oasis

409, Waimangu Hot Springs

showing how unpleasant even a nice place can be.

in the Wastes?

413, White Sands

Someplace in the Wastes with white sand


417, Yellowstone National Park

Wow, cool cascade of limestone!

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