Myth of the Month: The Orogeria Moon (1998)

The Red Goddess established, though her Travel and Journey experience, that She, as the goddess Orogeria, was the first planetary body to rise into the sky after the Kazkurtum.

Dayzataran priests and mystics disagreed vehemently when the Living Rufelza claimed this before the ancient Star Seers of Yuthuppa. They said that no deity was in the sky in the Star Time that they did not know about. No celestial entities except the 49 Reliable Deities were aloft then, and the neither the Red Goddess nor the Huntress were among them. They cited The Glorious ReAscent of Yelm as their source, which had just been revealed by the Emperor Yelmgatha. Its power had helped make him Emperor. This proved that it was, indeed, a source of Truth.

Rufelza had shown Yelmgatha where to get the book. She had no desire to dispute it, or refute the basis for her imperial friend’s authority and Justice. Rufelza drew upon the great knowledge of the Star Seers to remind them of Ulurda (number 49, whose name means “Moving Blue Goddess”), who was gone, and about whom Plentonius was silent.

They held a Truth Contest. Many things were determined thereby, starting with the Buserian fact that Ulurda was the wife or mate of Ulurdum (48), and that Ulurdum was also the Blue Fox. But the Blue Fox was gone now and there were also no more blue foxes in Glorantha. Therefore his mate, the Blue Vixen, must be the same.

Rufelza agreed, but said, “There is more.”

“Ulurdum was Blue Fox, but he was more,” and she proved that he was also the Blue Sakkar, and the Blue Cougar too.

The Buserians could not disprove this. It was true.

“And Ulurda was Blue Vixen for you, too,” she said, “But she was more.” And indeed She proved that Blue Vixen had also been Blue Mouse, which at that time lived in all the fields around the city [and thus proved that it was a living deity].

Then Rufelza proved that She had been Ulurda. She did this because she revealed a secret to them which She had given only to Buserian himself, and which had been handed from master to master of the cult. It could be known only by the highest initiates, and when she told them Her own words, they submitted to the truth.

Blue Orogeria

Not everyone has accepted the Lunar revelation. In Arir and Darsen cultists are sometimes quite conservative. Many of those forest-dwelling folks have not even accepted that Orogeria is/was Ulurda, and consider it blasphemy that anyone considers the bloody red goddess in the sky to be related to their blessed huntress.

The urban Lunars like to differentiate their Orogeria from the “old Orogeria,” whom the call the Bumpkin Goddess. This is usually done by making her blue colored. This began by recognizing that she passed from Black to Blue Phases (just as Lesilla is/was the Descending Blue Goddess).


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