Wyrm’s Footnotes #07 (1979)

36 pages.

Table of Contents

  • Editorial, Greg Stafford (p2)
  • Pavis Notes, New Monsters, Steve Perrin (p7)
  • Sartar High Council, Greg Stafford (p10)
  • Back to Boardgames, Glenn L. Williams (p18)
  • Map of the Lunar Empire, Greg Stafford (p23)
  • Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha: Deities of Darkness, Greg Stafford (p24)
  • Sartarite Magic Regiments, Ray Turney and Greg Stafford (p29)
  • Troll Ball, Greg Stafford (p31)

Art Credits

Tom Clark, Steve Oliff, William Church, Steve Swenston, Steve Lortz

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