Goddess of Oaths and Black Waters

Also called The River Edzaroun or just Edzaroun

The Styx is the Last Drop of Darkness, and gave birth to Zaramaka, the first true water. She is the main river of the underworld, though some texts call her a pool or a well rather than a river. A few legends even mention a great Black Sea of Hell where listless waves wash upon a lifeless gray shore. She is also known as the Garrotte of the Gods, for she can cause even immortals to choke and suffer if they swear upon her name and break their word. She is aided by several families of Furies. Mortals usually shun swearing by Styx, pledging their word instead by other oath guardians.

Her troll-image is that of a flat stone with a depression in the center. A face with tiny ears is carved into both surfaces of the stone.

Write upPageYearRunesNotes
Gen Con 2019 preview832019As one of the sea gods
The Glorantha Sourcebook802018As the River Edzaroun
Troll Gods, Troll Cults Book831989Troll spirit cult
The Glorantha Sourcebook772018Darkness Genealogy
Cult Compendium1762002Darkness Genealogy

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