Wyrm’s Footnotes #14 (1982)

32 pages.

Table of Contents

  • The Riddle Man, searches the breadth and width of Glorantha for wisdom, by Morgan Conrad (p1)
  • Editorial, by Charlie Krank (p2)
  • What’s New at Chaosium, Worlds of Wonder has just been released and new excitement is on the horizon (p3)
  • Wyrm’s Friend-Notes, A collection of letters from the readers (p5)
  • Advice from Rurik, Rurik fields some toughies, edited by Steve Perrin (p6)
  • Dragons Past, Leika Ballista undertakes a quest to become the King of the Colymar, by one who was there! (p8)
  • Rune Glitch, Tom Holsinger impales, slashes, and crushes our rules to bits (p11)
  • The Dragon Pantheon, Everything known about dragonewts, including new Personality Traits, weapons, skills, and spells, by Greg Stafford, additional materials by Charlie Krank and Bill Keyes (p14)
  • Dragonewt Personalities (p27)
  • History of the Lunar Empire, The Fourth Wane: The Strong-Making Peace, by Greg Stafford (p28)
  • The Last Word, One final message to the readers from Greg Stafford (p32)

Artist Credits

Miron Mercury, Michael Mignola, Rick Becker, Greg Stafford, Mark Roland

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