Goddess of Elemental Darkness, The Primal Darkness, Dame Darkness

Dame Darkness was born as a defense against the Oozing Chaos of pre-creation. She is a personification of the abilities of darkness. The Order within Darkness is alien to mankind and the Pattern of Darkness is kept secret by the dark trolls.

Nakala is the name used to describe the Primal Darkness. She has other, secret names too, but these are hidden in the esoterica of obscure cults which hint at eight stages of self-introspection and internal evolution during the goddess’ devolution.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
The Glorantha Sourcebook762018
Gods of Glorantha, Prosopaedia1985As Dame Darkness
Notes only
The Glorantha Sourcebook772018Darkness Genealogy
Cult Compendium1762002Darkness Genealogy

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