Kyger Litor

[KIGH-ger LEE-tor]

Mother of trolls

Kyger Litor is the ancestress of all the troll races of the world and is almost universally worshiped by them. When the sun was slain she invaded the surface world with her minions, conquered the land, and bore the brunt of the fighting against chaos. The cult is simple and primitive, often savage or brutal in the eyes of humans, but is satisfying to the equally primal trolls.

She is usually shown as a mistress troll, accoutered with crude regalia of power. Her statue can be chewed from any kind of rock, and is always the largest statue in any group.

Write upPageYearRunesSecondary /
Minor /
Cults of Glorantha Preview362019
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Cult Compendium1772002
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Gerak Kag
Stone Biter
Tree Chopper
Troll Gods, Troll Cults Book421989Hero cults:
Gerak Kag
Stone Biter
Tree Chopper
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Gerak Kag
Stone Biter
Tree Chopper
Gods of Glorantha, The Cults1985Short form write up
Cults of Prax861978
Cult Compendium1762002Darkness GenealogyDaughter of Dame Darkness.
Sibling of Mee Vorala & Sokazub
Trollpak61982Genealogy of Darkness Deities

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