Wyrm’s Footnotes #01 (1976)

36 pages, contained 4 counters. Production quality varies, 200 copies.

Table of Contents

  • Editorial Ramblings (p1)
  • Wanderlore, Questions from the players (p6)
  • Moving On, Optional Rules from the readers (p10)
  • Prisoners (p13)
  • Movement After Combat (p14)
  • Combat Results Table #2 (p15)
  • Where the Puppeteer Troup Starts, pt.1 (p17)
  • Translation, from A History of My Black Horse Troop (p19)
  • New Pieces:
    • Keener Than (p26)
    • Hungry Jack (p27)
    • The Hydra (p28)
    • Master of Magic (p28)
  • Letters (p30)

Art Credits

Willaim Church, Randy Holmberg, Mel Laybourn, Steve Oliff, Steve Swenston.

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