Wyrm’s Footnotes #11 (1981)

32 pages.

Table of Contents

  • Editorial Ramblings, by Charlie Krank (p1)
  • What’s New at Chaosium, new of ongoing projects (p2)
  • RuneQuest Variant Training System, by Lee Gold (p4)
  • Advice from Rurik, edited by Steve Perrin (p6)
  • Plunder, by Rudy Kraft (p7)
  • Lunar Name Generator, by Paul Jaquays (p10)
  • Dragons Past, stories of our house RuneQuest campaign (p12)
  • Personality of Glorantha, Londra of Londros (p15)
  • History of the Lunar Empire, part two, the First Wane, by Greg Stafford (p16)
  • Geography of Glorantha, the Sea of Neliom (p20)
  • The Riddle Man, by Morgan Conrad (p22)
  • Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha, gods of Light, Yelm, by Greg Stafford (p24)
  • Gateway Bestiary, monsters for RuneQuest campaigns (p28)
  • Reader’s Notes, including letters from the readers (p31)

Art Credits

Paul Jaquays, Rick Becker, Jeff Brain, William Church, Charlie Krank, Mel Laybourn

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