Wyrm’s Footnotes #05 (1978)

40 pages.

Table of Contents

  • Editorial, Greg Stafford (p2)
  • More on Nomad Gods, Contributors (p6)
  • Exotic Abilities for Nomad Gods, Bob Corbett (p8)
  • A Medley of New Units, Burt Medley (p9)
  • The Fadabius Letters, Jim McCormick (p10)
  • Reflections on the Structure of Role-Playing Games, Steve Lortz (p14)
  • LOTMS, Notes on Physical Rationale, Lynn Willis (p15)
  • Geedunk Dungeon, Warren James (p16)
  • A Village Near Alone, Greg Stafford (p20)
  • Elric! Notes & Additions, Greg Stafford & Contrib (p21)
  • Gods & Goddess of Glorantha, Part 2, Greg Stafford (p26)
  • Beginning Characters for Runequest, Warren James (p34)
  • Short Notes (p38)
  • Dark Trolls, William Church (p39)
  • Errata for Perilous Encounters, Steve Lortz (p40)

Art Credits

William Church, Steve Oliff, Guy Conrad, Thomas Clark, Gene Day, Mel Laybourne

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