Wyrm’s Footnotes #10 (1980)

32 pages.

Table of Contents

  • Editorial, by Charlie Krank (p1)
  • What’s New, ongoing projects at Chaosium Inc (p2)
  • Rune Masters, Corrections, and Additions, by Steve Perrin (p3)
  • History of the Lunar Empire, Part One: Birth of the Goddess to the Rise of the Red Moon, by Greg Stafford (p8)
  • Runequest !, Clarifications and Changes (p17)
  • Gods of Fire and Light, Chapter Six of the ongoing series Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha, by Greg Stafford (p20)
  • Engage and Destroy, Changes, Clarifications, and Additions, by Chris Kurzadkowski (p26)
  • Gateway, Feature for non-Gloranthan RuneQuest campaigns, introducing Demons, by John Boyle (p29)
  • Letter, Opinions of the readers (p31)

Art Credits

Steve Swenston, Rick Becker, Charlie Krank, Jeff Brain, Tom Clark, Paul Jaquays

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