Wyrm’s Footnotes #04 (1978)

Table of Contents

  • Editorial, Greg Stafford (p2)
  • Thanx (p4)
  • WB&RM Physical Combat Variants, Steve List (p5)
  • Review: Lords & Wizards, Roland Wong (p11)
  • Geography of Glorantha (Surface World) (p12)
  • Nomad Gods Errata, Bob Corbett (p15)
  • Time on Glorantha (p20)
  • Review: Melee (The Fantasy Trip), David Helmbold (p25)
  • Footsteps, John Coffey and Greg Stafford (26)
  • Troy: Errata & Questions (p31)
  • Runequest (p34)
  • Gods & Goddesses of Glorantha (p36)
  • Letters (p40)
  • Elric Variants, Art Turney (p43)
  • Dark Trolls, William Church (p45)
  • Red Moon in Prax, Greg Stafford (p46)
  • New Units from Nomad Gods (p47)

Art Credits

Tom Clark, Gene Day, Mike Dziewulski, Elrohir, Morno, Mark Roland, Steve Swenston, William Church

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