Wyrm’s Footnotes #09 (1980)

32 pages.

Table of Contents

  • In the Works, ongoing projects at Chaosium Inc. (p2)
  • Gods of the Earth, part five of the continuing Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha series, by Greg Stafford (p3)
  • Mini Scenario, by Denis Sustare (p8)
  • Men and Morokanth, by Elizabeth A. Wolcott (p10)
  • LOTM’s Errata (p15)
  • New Tables for Runequest, by Mark Lukens (p16)
  • A Reference for Referees, by Doug Lenat (p22)
  • Dragon’s Past, adventures from Greg Stafford’s Dragon Pass campaign, by Greg Stafford (p23)
  • Sample Guilds and Societies, by Anthony F. Ferrucci (p26)
  • Letters (p30)

Art Credits

Rick Becker, Tom Clark, Paul Jaquays, Mike Sweeney, Charles Kuehner, Steve Swenston

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