Xiola Umbar

[zee-OH-lah UM-bahr]

Goddess of the Solace of the Dark Deep Within.

This is the goddess of brute compassion. Among all of the troll deities she is the most gentle. She is also worshiped by humans. As the sister of Zorak Zoran she often seeks to right the wrongs which he commits. Although worship of her is somewhat disparaged by the common trolls, she fulfills an important place in their social structure by healing anyone who needs it, and by caring for the helpless (usually trollkin). For the former she is scorned, for the latter she is blessed by all trolls.

She is symbolized as a clay pot inscribed with a healing charm on the exterior, and a mouthless face on the inside bottom.

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Cults of Glorantha Preview722019
Guide to Glorantha1502014Notes only
Cult Compendium2172002
Cult Compendium1762002Darkness GenealogyChild of Primal Darkness
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