Sun god and emperor

Yelm is the god of the Middle Fire and brother of Lodril and Dayzatar. Yelm was not always bound to his path in the sky, but once traveled freely. His disastrous feud with Orlanth was one of the most important struggles of the Gods War, for when Yelm was slain by Orlanth his demise marked the Lesser Darkness which filled all the cosmos with fear, allowing chaos to seep in.

Yelm is sometimes shown as the golden solar disc, often as middle-aged man clad in imperial garb, or in one of his lesser incarnations such as the spear god, horse god, etc.

Cult Compendium862002Orlanthi Genealogy
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Cults of GloranthaUnpublished (2021+)for RQG
RuneQuest Glorantha3062018Yu-Kargzant the Sun Horse
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