Wyrm’s Footnotes #13 (1981)

32 pages.

Table of Contents

  • Editorial, Charlie Krank (inside front cover)
  • What’s New at Chaosium, A listing of recently released products and a preview of upcoming projects (p1)
  • Advice from Rurik, Rurik answers your tough questions about RuneQuest, edited by Steve Perrin (p2)
  • Wyrms Friend-Notes, Letters from the readers (p3)
  • Pantheons of Glorantha, The first in a series of articles to replace the Gods and Goddesses series. Pantheons will go into more detail than the old series. See this issue’s editorial for more information, by Greg Stafford (p4)
  • Geography: QuestWorld, Presenting a new world for RuneQuest, Stormbringer, Call of Cthulhu, and Worlds of Wonder play, by Lynn Willis and Greg Stafford (p12)
  • The Riddle Man, This issue’s question: “What is the most useless Battle magic spell?” (p18)
  • Personality of Glorantha, At last! That famed Rune lord of Yelmalio: Rurik Runespear (p19)
  • Dragon’s Past, Follow the exploits of Red Bird on his trip to visit Cragspider (p20)
  • History of the Lunar Empire, the Third Wane, the Tale of the Barbarian Invasion, by Greg Stafford (p22)
  • Rune-Glitch, Troubled by spirits in your RuneQuest game? This new feature by Tom Holsinger uncovers the problems with the spirit rules and suggests ways that you can solve them (p24)
  • Outworld Characters in Thieves’ World, How your character fits into the Thieves’ World game supplement, by Eric Goldberg (p29)
  • What It Takes To “Convince The Examiners”, The RuneQuest rules for admission to Rune status are nice, but does it really take in the world of Glorantha? by Greg Stafford (p30)

Art Credits

David Dudley, Rick Becker, Lynn Willis, Mike Mignola, Paul Jaquays, David Dudley

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