Wyrm’s Footnotes #12 (1981)

32 pages.

Table of Contents

  • Editorial, by Charlie Krank (inside front cover)
  • What’s New at Chaosium (p1)
  • Advice from Rurik (p2)
  • Wyrms Friend-Notes (p3)
  • The Riddle Man (p3)
  • Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha, Part VIIa: The Gods of Storm, Includes Umath, Kolat, Brastalos, Storm Bull, Vadrus, Gagarth, Iphara, Molanni and Humakt. Also includes minotaur Berserker Rage rules. By Greg Stafford (p4)
  • Dragons Past, Rebellion in Sartar! A local skirmish erupts into war as Wilms Church and Jonstown are liberated. An Heir to the throne is found! Collected by the Jonstown Greylords (p10)
  • Personality of Glorantha: Fazzur Wideread, Governor General of Dragon Pass, Full statistics on the commander of the occupying army of Dragon Pass. By Greg Stafford and Charlie Krank (p16)
  • Divination & Divine Intervention, House philosophy on the use of Divination and Divine Intervention as we use them in RuneQuest, by Greg Stafford (p19)
  • History of the Lunar Empire: Second Wane, Covering the Empty Conquest, Bindle Wars, and the Conquering Daughter Campaign, by Greg Stafford (p22)
  • The Cultures of Glorantha: The Agimori (the tribe of the Men-and-a-half), Feature article describing the culture and characteristics of the Agimori for inclusion in any RuneQuest campaign, by John E. Boyle (p26)

Art Credits

Rick Becker, William Church, David Dudley, Charlie Krank, Mel Laybourn, Greg Stafford

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