CHA4501 Wyrm’s Footprints (1995)

Chaosium / Issaries / The Reaching Moon Megacorp Greg Stafford.

Also RMM105/ISS4501

Lore from Chaosium’s Wyrms Footnotes.

Wyrm’s Footprints Product Number ISS4501. ISBN 1-56882-043-7. $15.95 112 pages; 8.5″x11″ size, illustrated, maps.

  • Project Editor: David Hall
  • Editors: Nick Brooke, David Hall, Steve Thomas
  • Articles by by Greg Stafford
  • Cover Art: Dan Barker
  • Interior Ilustrations: Dan Barker, William Church, Ralph Horsley, M. Roland, Steve Swenston Maps by Shaun Appleby, Phil Dexter, Charlie Krank
  • Wyrms Footprints is a collection of the best articles from Wyrms Footnotes, the original Gloranthan fanzine, formerly published by Chaosium Inc. during the days of its RuneQuest ascendancy.
  • Published originally by Reaching Moon MegaCorp, this wonderful volume is also available as an Issaries product. (15 May 2005)

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