CHA4501 Wyrm’s Footprints (1995)

Wyrms Footprints is a collection of Gloranthan legends and lore taken from the long out-of- print Wyrms Footnotes magazine and includes:

  • GODS & GODDESSES OF GLORANTHA an in-depth look at each of the major pantheons of deities, updated and expanded from the original,
  • WALKTAPUS COOKERY – try out Beat -Pot Aelwrins own secret recipes.
  • STARBROW’S REBELLION – the complete history, never before published in its entirety, including
  • THE SARTAR HIGH COUNCIL- a playable supplement detailing all the important personalities of the rebellion.
  • TEMPLE OF THE WOODEN SWORD – the story of the most famous Humakti temple in Dragon Pass.
  • FULL STATISTICS for Jar-Eel the Razoress, Harrek the Bemerk. The Red Emperor, and others
  • plus original artwork of the famous sights of Dragon Pass, and many more articles, some of them unpublished even in Wyrns footnotes!

Published originally by Reaching Moon MegaCorp, this wonderful volume is also available as an Issaries product. (15 May 2005)

  • Project Editor: David Hall
  • Editors: Nick Brooke, David Hall, Steve Thomas
  • Articles by by Greg Stafford
  • Cover Art: Dan Barker
  • Interior Illustrations: Dan Barker, William Church, Ralph Horsley, M. Roland, Steve Swenston
  • Maps by Shaun Appleby, Phil Dexter, Charlie Krank
  • ISS4501 / RMM105
  • ISBN 1-56882-043-7
  • $15.95
  • 112 pages
  • 8.5″x11″

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