Mystic goddess of the secret Blue Moon, a Doraddi Old God, Mother of Artmal

This goddess was powerful in the Gods Age, but then her empire and powers were destroyed. She went into hiding, from whence she sent invisible forces to harass her enemies. Annilla is responsible for the ocean tides of Glorantha. Her invisible powers are also felt whenever an assassin strikes, a village disappears without a trace, or a priceless artifact vanishes from history.

Once per tidal cycle, Annilla plummets from the top of the sky dome (via the Pole Star gate), through the atmosphere and straight down Magasta‘s Pool. Concurrently, the tides precipitously fall from highest to lowest in a single day. At this time she can sometimes be seen by keen-eyed observers who know where to look and which spells to use. As a result of these sightings, Annilla is also called the Blue Streak in various languages throughout the world.

Annilla is represented by her Pamaltelan descendants as a blue orb; by the Lunars as an elderly blind woman in blue, with one arm behind her and leaning on a cane; and by the trolls as a smooth-skinned mistress troll holding a round stone in one hand and water in the other.

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Cults of Glorantha Preview432019water rune
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Tales of the Reaching Moon #11191994Gods of Pamaltela notes

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