AH8591 River of Cradles (1992)

Lands and Peoples of Pavis and the Zola Fel Valley

River of Cradles is the complete and essential player and gamesmaster reference for the RuneQuest adventures and campaigns in civilised Prax. Revising and updating essential material from the classic, out-of-print Gloranthan supplements Cults of Prax, Borderlands, Pavis, and Big Rubble, River of Cradles contains:

Extensive and geographical notes on the side of the river valley of western Prax, including:

  • The seaport of Corflu
  • The Grantlands and Lunar frontier settlements
  • The city of new Pavis
  • The Big Rubble

Troubled waters, an epic adventure sequence for new and low-level characters, beginning in the Zola Fel delta and ending beneath the Devil’s Playground in the Big Rubble.

Seven expanded cult descriptions for popular player character cults including:

Orlanth, Lhankor Mhy, Daka Fal, Storm Bull, lssaries, Chalana Arroy, Zola Fel

You must own RuneQuest Deluxe Edition to play River of Cradles

  • Design: Greg Stafford, Steve Perrin, Ken Rolston
  • Contributing Design: Charlie Krank, Lynn Willis, Sandy Petersen
  • Development and Editing: Ken Rolston, Robin Jenkins
  • Zola Fel Cult: Marc Willner & Troy Bankert
  • The Agimori: John E. Boyle
  • The Morokanth: Elizabeth Wolacott
  • Toadface & His Broos, Player Characters: Mike Dawson
  • Cover Painting: Roger Raupp
  • Maps and Diagrams: Dave Dobyski, Charlie Krank, Jim Freel, & Matt Pumphrey
  • Interior Illustrations: Eric Hotz, Mike Slum, Laura Donelly. & Jim Freet
  • Production and Layout: Jean Baer, Dave Dobyski, & Robin Jenkins
  • 176 pages and three fold out maps
  • ISBN: 1560380616

Table of Contents

  • Regional Reference Maps
  • Title and Credits
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
    • Trade in Prax, Currencies
    • Timeline
    • River Traffic
  • History of the Region
  • Geography of the Valley
    • Temperature and Precipitation
  • Peoples of the Valley
    • Nomads of Prax
    • Settled Peoples
  • Human and Nonhuman Races
    • Agimori
    • Aldryami, Baboons, Broos
    • Ducks
    • Morokanth
    • Mostali, Newtlings
    • Ogres
    • Tusk Riders, Uz
  • Major Settlements
    • Corflu
    • The Grantlands
    • Sun County
    • New Pavis
    • The Big Rubble
  • Gorp: Forms and Features
  • Troubled Waters: A Scenario Sequence
    • Part 1. Face Down in the Mud
    • Part 2: The Port of Corflu
    • Part 3: Against the Current
      1. The Boy and the Otter
      2. The Homesteaders and the Broos
      3. The Agimori and the Newtlings
      4. The Sun Domers
      5. The Shrine of Kinope
      6. A Colossal Carp at Harpoon
    • Part 4: The Temple Barge of Zola Fel
    • Part 5: The Grotto of Pocharngo

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