Lhankor Mhy

Lhankor Mhy


Lord of knowledge, one of the Lightbringers

Lhankor Mhy is the god of the Grey Lords, the sages of Glorantha. Keeper of the Laws, Scribe of the Immortals, and History Singer are his titles. He is one of the Lightbringers, and during that epic quest he inherited, found, fought for, and stole many pieces of the old powers. He preserved them safely until Time began. He even holds the sacred Stone Scrolls, forged in the Underworld to hide the secrets of the Compromise from immature souls. Even so his knowledge is not complete, and he and his cult ever thirst for more.

Barbarians picture Lhankor Mhy as a man dressed in the local noble fashion, or in grey robes, always bearded. He wears the Arm Ring of Knowledge, and usually holds scrolls.

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Chernan the Seeker
The Gray Ones
Hevduran the Sword Sage
Lhankor Knowing
Torvald the Alchemist
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Dilfar the Deepsighted
The Grey Ones
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