Head of the Council of the Gods, Storm god, Chieftain, and Warrior, one of the Lightbringers

Orlanth is the King of the Gods, Master of Storms, Death Wielder, and Bringer of Light. He is the heir to great portions of his father’s realms, and thus he is sometimes confused with Umath in the old manuscripts. He is one of the Seven Lightbringers, and usually considered the chief of those deities. His worship is widespread. He is a dire foe of the Red Goddess of the Lunar Empire.

His worshipers know of several incarnations of Orlanth, and when known as Orlanth Adventurous his skills as a poet, fighter, and lover are renowned. As Orlanth Thunderous he represents the power the god possesses over the natural elements of storm. As Orlanth Rex he is praised as the supreme King, and his worshipers strive to emulate his regal skills. He knows justice and leadership, fine rhetoric, and other skills needed to rule.

Many lesser spirits are attached to his cult. His religion is one of the largest and most complete in the world, as is only fitting the King of the Gods.

He is usually shown as a vigorous man of varying age, armed with the thunderbolt and other warrior’s weapons, and wearing a chieftain’s arm rings.

The 49 Names of Orlanth are: Great Orlanth, King, Larnsting, Lifebringer, Lightbringer, Thunderer, Liberator, Poet, Rebel, Master of the Lightnings, Liberating Bolt, Disruptor, Loud-Thundering Husband of Ernalda, Three-Bladed Spear, Tat, Dashing Veradash, Ohorlanth, Hurler of Thunderbolts, Adventurous, Desemborth, Drogarsi, Niskis, Dragonbreaker, Varanorlanth, Allfather, Orlanthcarl, Orlanth Rex, Cloud-Gatherer, Defthands, Ormakt, Orlanthdar, Orlanth the Wind, Helanth Rainmaker, Ormalaya, Lanthalda, Pelanth, Ram, Bull, Bear, Beloved, Raider, Master of the Dragon Power, The Breaker of Bonds, Lawmaker, Bringer of Death, Justicebringer, Harsarl, and the Thunder Weapon.

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Aspects, Subcults, Hero cults

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