AH85716 The Haunted Ruins (1989)

The Haunted Ruins

A Complete Troll Tribe For RuneQuest

Uz Only! Youz Keep Out, Hoomanz!

THE HAUNTED RUINS: once an ancient dwarfen mansion, now inhabited by the sinister Sazdorf troll clan.

For years the Sazdorf trolls have lived in the heart of Battle Valley, an isolated area lying on the border of Dragon Pass. All your life you have heard the rumors about the Sazdorf trolls. Your mother used to tell you that if you didn’t eat your vegetables or wash behind your ears, the Sazdorf would take you into their lair, smother you with honey and then feed you to their insects – if they didn’t eat you themselves!

Who knows for sure what untold secrets these mysterious beings hold in their crumbling palace? It is up to your adventurers to plumb the depths of THE HAUNTED RUINS and find out!

  • Statistics and unique personalities for fourteen of the major trolls.
  • Extensive maps of the lair
  • Complete history
  • Family tree
  • A multi-color map of Battle Valley

THE HAUNTED RUINS is a sourcebook for the RuneQuest fantasy roleplaying game. It contains a guide to the Sazdorf clan of trolls, complete with descriptions of troll personalities, and extensive guide to their underground palace, and information on the history of the tribe. This book also includes a guide to Battle Valley, an area of strategic importance in Dragon Pass, detailing the areas where adventures are likely to occur In the valley, as well as a guide to the inhabitants of the valley.


  • Authors: Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen
  • Additional Material: John B. Monroe, Frederic Blayo, Lynn Willis
  • Editing: John B. Monroe, Lynn Willis Design and Production: John B. Monroe, William Dunn
  • Cover Painting: Tom Sullivan
  • Interior Illustrations: Daniel Brereton
  • Maps: Charlie Krank, Usa Kasle
  • Copyreading: Anne Merritt
  • ISBN 1-56038-014-4
  • 64 pages


AH85716The Haunted Ruins1989Avalon Hill


  • Introduction
  • Battle Valley
  • Approaching the Trolls
    • The Past
    • Getting Started
    • Approaching the Area
    • Patrol Zones
    • Standard Defense Plans
    • Friendly Strangers
  • The Haunted Ruins
    • The Front Section
    • Main Section
    • Lower Level
    • South and East Sections
    • North Section
    • Hidden Section
  • The Sazdorf Clan
    • Average Dark Troll Warrior
    • Good Dark Troll Warrior
    • Dark Troll Hunters
    • Average Great Troll Warriors
    • Good Great Troll Warriors
    • Belorg’s Cave Trolls
    • Trained Militia Trollkin
    • Worker Trollkin
    • Assault Beetles
    • The Nilmerg Horde
  • Sazdorf Genealogy
  • Analysis Of The Clan
  • GM Log
  • Male Troll Character Sheet
  • Female Troll Character Sheet
  • Battle Valley Map

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