AH85906 Sun County (1992)

Cover by Roger Raupp

Sun County – Prax

Sun County is a small enclave of staunchly independent farmers. Their stubborn ways have resisted nomads, famine and drought for centuries.

Strangers are not welcome in the Lands of the Sun, but many are drawn there by the promise of gold, fame, and adventure.

Do you dare to enter the Sun Dome lands?

Sun County is a Gloranthan campaign supplement for the RuneQuest roleplaying game. Sun County contains:

  • Four scenarios for play.
  • Extensive historical notes on Sun County and its culture.
  • Profiles of important persons and peoples of the region.
  • New full description of Yelmalio cult.
  • Extensive detailed encounter tables.
  • Personal notes and observations of Jaxarte Whyded, Commissioner of the Imperial Census, on his travels through the land.
  • Sundry useful and ornamental details of interest to the Gloranthan scholar.


  • Authors: Michael O’Brien, Greg Stafford & others
  • Supplement Design: Michael O’Brien
  • Original Setting Design: Greg Stafford
  • Development, Editing and Additional Design: Ken Rolston
  • System: RuneQuest 3

Editions & Related Editions

AH85906Sun County1992Avalon Hill
Les Guerriers du Soleil1992OriflamFrench edition


  • Sun County Map
  • Title and Credits
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
    • Where in the World
    • The Light List
    • Solanthos Ironpike
    • Hazia
    • Temperature and Precipitation
    • Notable Personalities
    • Invictus
    • Lady Vega
    • Lord Belvani
    • The Gamon
    • The Globe & Scepter
    • Jaxarte’s Journal
  • The Cult of Yelmalio
    • Gifts and Geas
  • Sun Dome Temple
    • Temple Map
    • Hector’s Yellow Book
    • Sanctuary
    • Temple Defenses
    • The River Ritual
  • Sun Dome Templars and Militia
    • Sun Dome Active Militia Units
    • 2-H Spear with Shield Skill
    • Templars Profile
    • Militia Profile
    • Games: Shield Push
  • Sun County Encounters
    • Encounter Descriptions
    • Sun Dome Justice
    • Special Encounters
    • Jaxarte Visits Harpoon
  • Sun County Scenarios
    • Creating Adventurers
    • Rabbit Hat Briefing
    • 8 Pre-Generated PCs
    • Sun County: An Overview
  • Garhound Contest
  • Melisande’s Hand
    • Six Contestants
  • Rabbit Hat Farm
    • Grant of Lordship
    • The Crown of Yamsur
  • Sun County Ruins
  • The Old Sun Dome
    • The Vampire of the Crypt
    • Bunan Flea
  • Solinthor’s Tower
    • Goldbreath Village
    • Solinthor
    • The Lost Hymns
  • A Year in Sun County
    • Regional Activity Table
  • Garhound Town Map

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