AH8594 Shadows on the Borderland (1993)

RuneQuest Adventures on the Frontier

In Chaos and Darkness the seed of corruption germinates, and propels tts shoots into the light.

In the fertile River of Cradles valley, cradle of civilized Prax, golden fields of barley glow in the sun.

But on the Borderland, the frontier between civilization and the arid wastes, the servants of the dark cults hide their works from sight, and hatch the plots that burst forth like worms from the hearts of earth and men.

Shadows on the Borderland, a Gloranthan campaign supplement for the RuneQuest roleplaying game, features an 80-page booklet, a 24-page GM Reference Pull out with major NPCs and player handouts, and two full-calor pullout maps. In addition to a complete cuH description for Thanatar, the Severed God, Shadows on the Borderland contains three scenarios ready for play:

  • Gaumata’s Vision
  • Dyskund Caverns
  • A Tale to Tell


  • Gaumala’s Vision By Michael Dawson
  • Dyskund Caverns by Ken Rolston
  • A Tale to Tell by Jon Quaife
  • Development, Editing, and Additional Design by Ken Rolston
  • The Thanatar Cult by Paul Jaquays, Sandy Petersen & Greg Stafford
  • Original Gloranthan Setting Design by Greg Stafford
  • ” What Do You Want? Shut Up!” and “Eat Your Enemies in Secret” by Martin Crim
  • What My Father Told Me: A Personal View of Yelmalion Culture by Mike Dawson
  • Cover Paintings by Roger Raupp
  • Maps and Diagrams by Eric Hotz & Matt Pumphrey
  • interior illustrations by John Snyder & John Bridges
  • Production and Layout by Jean Baer, Matt Pumphrey, Debbie Chaillou, & Robin Jenkins


AH8594Shadows on the Borderland1993Avalon Hill


  • Black Rock Village and Environs (map) 1.
  • Title, Credits, Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Gaumata’s Vision
  • Dyskund Caverns
  • A Tale to Tell
  • The Thanatar Cult
  • Black Rock Village (map)
  • Pullout map – Dyskund Caverns
  • Pullout map – High Holes Cave

GM Reference Pullout

  • Handouts GVl-S
  • Handouts GV9-13, Ogre Children, Lamiae, Black Rock Militia
  • Handout GV14, Common Knowledge (Black Rock)
  • Penliss, Varloz, Fethal
  • Succubus notes, The Mistress, Thosah
  • Handout DV1
  • Handouts DV2-10
  • The Ogres: Nanni, Hadani, Kennoma, Meakan, & Aliuma Pola
  • Drueke and his Thanatar Heads
  • Ruventan Backer, Rahmasso, Aven Lekehni, Mogo, and Vanny Muna
  • Gorp, Walktapus, Dragonsnail, Ghosts, Zombie, Skeleton
  • Handouts TT1 & TT2, Lhankor Mhy Research Costs Table
  • Handouts TT3 & TI4
  • Onnelius, Ghosts, Encounter & Water Use Tables
  • Gabloz, Majabjab, Munchon, Frivol, Kitin, Horj
  • Behlok & Excellent, Superior, Typical Broos
  • Muglaphar, Zafazka, Kirin, Woroshi, Kravern & EZKustomKwick Broo Chaos Feature & Disease Table
  • Muriah & Treasure Trove Hurbi
  • Hazphar Pharates, Dalamides Aveticus, Reskil Taranus
  • Antonia Blackhock, Antelope Troopers, Sable Antelope profile
  • Field Team Staging Notes, ‘What Do You Want? Shut Up!” – What the Broos Shaman Says
  • “Eat Your Enemy in Secret”: What the Ogre Talon Says
  • What My Father Told Me: A Personal View of Yelmalion Culture

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