AH8595 Lords of Terror (1994)

Lords of Terror

The Cults of Dorastor

Lords of Terror is a RuneQuest Gloranthan campaign supplement. Complete cult
descriptions of seven chaotic cults (Primal Chaos, Malia, Bagog, Thed, Krjalk, Pocharngo and Krarsht) are illustrated through passages from “The Reminiscences of Paulis Longvale,” an epic saga of treachery, horror, and heroism in the great war between the Orlanthi and the chaotic minions of Ralzakark, enigmatic sovereign of Dorastor, the Land of Doom.

This companion volume to Dorastor: Land Of Doom is an essential reference for all Gloranthan campaigns.

Each cult description is accompanied by a major NPC – elaborate, fully-detailed examples of the fertile excesses of chaos worshipers – and several scenario schemes for adapting these grotesque antagonists to your campaign.

Savor the unappetizing new rules for disease, tainted spirits, and chaotic features. Now the Servants of Chaos are more noisome and repulsive than ever before! Learn the lurid mysteries of the chaos cults exposed in numerous delicious tracts and testaments – each revealing Secrets That Man Was Not Meant
to Know.


  • Authors: Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, Stephen Martin
  • Additional Material by: Shannon Appel, Simon Campey, Finula McCaul, Michael O’Brien, Paul Reilly, Ken Rolston, Eric Rowe
  • Design and Development: Stephen Martin
  • Editor-in-Chief: Ken Rolston
  • Original Gloranthan Setting Design: Greg Stafford
  • Cover Painting Stephen Langmead
  • Interior Illustrations Stephen Langmead and Kurt Miller
  • Production and Layout: Jean Baer, Debbie Chaillou, Stephen Langmead, Joseph Scott
  • Playtesting and Error Trapping: Shannon Appel, Nick Brooke, Martin Crim, Mike Dawson, David Dunham, David Gadbois, Oliver Jovanovic, Michael O’Brien, Sandy Petersen, Eric Rowe
  • Special Thanks: John Castellucci, for use of his computer, and Sandy Petersen, for the Call of Cthulhu game.
  • Dedication: Lords of Terror is dedicated to Chad McGatlin and all of the other RuneQuestors who have passed beyond Chaos, and so have no fears.
  • LORDS OF TERROR: The Cults of Dorastor Copyright 1994 by The Avalon Hill Game Company for Chaosium, Inc.; all rights reserved. Glorantha copyright 1994 by Greg Stafford. Portions of the material in this book were previously published under the title Cults of Terror, copyright 1981 by Chaosium Inc., and are used with permission.
  • ISBN 1-56038-084-5
  • 98 pages (inc covers)


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