AH8587 Troll Gods: The Deities of Darkness (Box 10 – 1989)

The Year is 1622 S.T.

THE FIRST RUMBLES OF THE HERO WARS can be heard, and a time of change is upon the world of Glorantha. The Uzko, known to humans as trolls, the masters of the night, lords over the wastelands of Glorantha, have remained passive and hidden for centuries. Now they are beginning to stir.
In their wrath, the most daring Uz have begun to call upon all the strange and powerful gods of the darkness. Even the most sinister gods, such as Annilla, feared goddess of the Blue Moon, are rumored to be gaining converts (though no one has yet survived to substantiate such a disturbing rumor).
The trolls will have their revenge on the foolish humans that have so ruthlessly mistreated them since the world changed.
The cover of this box shows one form such a revenge will take. A high priestess of Aranea, Mother of Spiders, has
visited her pleasure on an unlucky group of human adventurers, who are now wholly or partially transformed into that most favored of creatures, the arachnid. Strangely, some of the adventurers seem less than thrilled with their
Troll Gods is a Gloranthan supplement for RuneQuest. A companion piece to Trollpak, Troll Gods is the definitive work on the subject of troll deities. Specific contents are:

  1. The Troll Cults Book contains comprehensive information on each of the fifteen most widely worshiped Troll Gods. The book contains 79 new spells for RuneQuest, as well as new skills and new monsters, and is profusely illustrated. Several cults appear for the first time in this supplement.
  2. Minaryth Purple’s Troll Facts #3: the Gods and Magic of the Uzko is a facsimile of a rare original document from the archives of the famous cult of Lhankor Mhy, God of Knowledge. This dangerous document was commissioned at great cost by a member of the Sartar nobility, and reveals many jealously-guarded troll secrets. The noble is reputed to have disappeared soon after receiving the original document, but the facsimiles are available for those who dare to read them. All aspects of the original document have been painstakingly maintained, including the three different styles of penmanship used, and certain other peculiarities as well, of which-it is not safe to talk.
  3. Glorantha: Primary Troll Regions is a map of the entire world of Glorantha, showing the twelve most populous and influential troll regions. The areas correspond to the character generation areas in
    Trollpak, so the map is a handy reference for troll character generation.


  • Authors: Sandy Petersen, Greg Stafford
  • Editor: William Dunn
  • Graphic Design and Production: William Dunn
  • A Chaosium Game
  • Published by the Avalon Hill Game Company
  • Created and Developed by Chaosium Inc.
  • RQ3
  • Box set


Expanded from the Troll cults in the original Trollpak (RQ2), Trollpack (RQ3) and Gods of Glorantha (RQ3)

AH8587Troll Gods: The Deities of Darkness1989Avalon HillBox 10

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Troll Cults Book

  • Annilla, Goddess of the Blue Moon
    • Illustration: A Priest of the Blue Moon
  • Aranea, Goddess of Spiders
    • Illustration: An Aranea Ceremony
  • Argan Argar, God of Surface Darkness
    • Illustration: Bolgs
  • Arkat
    • Illustration: A Statue of Arkat.
  • The Black Sun
    • Illustration: Combat in an Arena.
  • Gorakiki, Mother of Insects
    • Illustration: A Warrior of Gorakiki.
  • Himile, God of Cold.
    • Illustration: Ice Demon.
  • Kyger Litor, Mother of Trolls.
    • Illustration: A Priestess and a Grey Fury
  • Mee Vorala, Goddess of Fungi
    • Illustration: Dark Elves
  • Moorgarki, Goddess of Jungle Trolls
    • Illustration: A Jungle Shrine.
  • Subere, Goddess of the Inner Dark.
    • Illustration: Monsters of the Underworld
  • Xentha, Goddess of the Night.
    • Illustration: A Priestess of Xentha.
  • Xiola Umbar, Goddess of Compassion
    • Illustration: Troll Children and Nurse
  • Zong the Hunter
    • Illustration: Troll Hunter and Cave Troll
  • Zorak Zoran, God of Hate
    • Illustration: Zorak Zoran Berserkers
  • Spirits of Darkness
    • Illustration: A Shaman
  • Cult Availability
  • New Spells and Skills

What’s in the Box

Jonstown Compendium


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