AH85717 Daughters of Darkness and the Chronicles of Santon (1990)

“Psst! Hey Buddy. I saw you lookin’ at that woman over there. Careful how long you look. I know she’s beautiful, but she’s also dangerous. Her name’s Cruella Vullen. You know, of the Vullen shipping fortune. They say she whipped someone to death in front of twenty people, in the middle of the street, and got away with it. She’s also the Lord Warden’s mistress, so she can get anyone arrested. Better be careful around her cause I hear she’s as creative with her punishments as she is beautiful. Look, I got places to go and people to see, so you’re on your own. If you stay away from her, I might even see you around.

You may find yourself at odds with the evil Cruella Vullen, the most evil woman in Santon and a
“Daughter of Darkness” in her own right. She is prominent in several of the nine adventures presented in this adventure module for RuneQuest. But beware of her influence because many of her known adversaries have vanished into thin air amid whispers of “men in black. Cruella is just one of many of the fascinating characters awaiting you in Santon. Some will be good, and some will be evil. Some may want you to work for them, and others will try to have you killed. Daughters of Darkness has it all; dangerous expeditions and deadly intrigues, a city of crime and corruption, and the evil denizens of chaos. All this has been prepared to be ready for you to be a part of the action and adventure!
Your saga begins in the city of Santon, with these adventures, in the poorest district on the Menetian peninsula…

“The Affair of the Ancestral Ring” is the quest to help a woman of powerful family. The ancestral signet ring of her family has been stolen by Cruella Vullen, who plans to wear it to publicly disgrace the family honor. “The Adventure of the Gyvreck Sodality Cult” is begun by an offer of employment. The mission, to uncover the terrible secret hidden in the temple of Gyvreck, the almost forgotten river god. Unfortunately, this task may be more than anyone bargained for.

“The Adventure of Ilwraith’s Cache” is the attempt of a grateful prisoner, freed from the Gyvreck Sodality Temple, to repay his saviors. wraith has a cache hidden in the wilderness, where he had to leave it due to the threatening Shen Barbarians. All he asks is three-fifths of the treasure for himself, and he will make his rescuers extremely wealthy; or will he?

“The Revenge of Cruella Vullen” is the culmination of the saga as Cruella proves that “Hell hath no fury…” Hunt sea monsters with Captain Ahab. Meet the cunning and beautiful Rella, the ruler of Reamrha Isle, and mistress of Castle Droma. Battle against great chaos monstrosities. All this as you fly a collision course toward Cruella’s terrible vengeance.

These adventures and five others are featured in… Daughters of Darkness.

This module contains:
A 96-page book of adventures and background material for the Gateway (and suitable for play in Glorantha or any world) setting, the peninsula of Menetia and the city of Santon,
16 × 22 full-color, hand-painted maps detailing the city of Santon and the peninsula of Menetia.


  • Author: Tony Hickie, Robert Innes
  • Cover Art: James Holloway
  • Interior Illustrations: James Holloway, J. E. Randall, Dave Dobyski
  • Maps: Dave Dobyski
  • Editing, Production: Nick Atlas, Jean Baer
  • Prep. Dept. Co-ordinator: Lou Velenovsky
  • Typesetting: Colonial Composition
  • Printing: Monarch Services, Inc.
  • Created and Developed by Chaosium Inc.
  • Copyright ©1990 by Chaosium Inc.
  • RQ3
  • RuneQuest Gateway


AH85717Daughters of Darkness and the Chronicles of Santon1990Avalon Hill


  • The World of Adventure
  • Fauna in Menetia
  • Authority in the Autocracy
  • Religion, Cults and Magic
  • The District of Santon
  • District Personalities
  • An Introduction to the Scenarios
  • Introducing the Adventurers to Menetia
    • Local Knowledge
  • Santon Characters
  • An Introduction to the Adventures
    • Protecting the Farweed
    • Saving Bregg
    • The Affair of the Ancestral Ring
    • The Hermit of the Tree
    • The Adventure of the Gyureck Sodality Cult
    • Planting the Goods
    • The Adventure of Ilwraith’s Cache
    • Protection Money
    • The Revenge of Cruella Vullen

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