AH8593 Strangers in Prax (1994)

This RuneQuest Glorantha supplement features three groups of enigmatic and powerful foreigners visiting the valley of the Zola Fe! Plotlines and scenarios let you cast these larger-than-life characters as patrons or antagonists in your own Praxian campaign.

The Lunar Coders – Count, Princess, Ex-Con, Tracker, Sorceror…

The Lunar Coders, five honored and feared agents of the Empire, speak with the authority of the Emperor. Even Governor Sor-Eel fears the scrutiny of these incorruptible warriors and wizards.

The Ancient Mariner – cursed by the Father of Monsters …

Pursued to Corflu by the titanic sea serpent that is his destiny, Barran the Monster Killer is both bane and salvation to the port town’s imperiled citizens.

The Man of the West – godless wizard, meldek, soul-eater…

Arlaten the Magus, a civilized sorceror in a barbarian land, is dreaded and scorned by the superstitious natives as an atheistic, soul-eating fiend.


  • The Lunar Coders: Michael O’Brien
  • Barran the Monster Killer: Jonathan Tweet
  • Arlaten the Magus: Mike Dawson
  • Development: Mike Dawson
  • Editing: Ken Rolston
  • Cover Painting Stephen Langmead
  • Illustrations: Stephen Langmead
  • Maps and Diagrams: Matt Pumphrey
  • Production and Layout: Jean Baer, Debbie Chaillou, Mike Dawson, & Ken Rolston
  • Error Trapping and Contributing: Design Martin Crim, Ken Rolston, Troy Bankert, Mike Dawson, Oliver Jovanovic


AH8593Strangers in Prax1994Softcover


  • Title, Credits, Table of Contents
  • Introduction
    • Introducing the Coders
    • Scenario Hooks
    • Scenario: One High Priest Too Many
    • Coder NPC Profiles
      • Background and Roleplaying Notes.
      • Count Julan.
      • Princess Anderida of Raibanth
      • Maculus the Monitor
      • Nose Ring
      • Eslas the Tracker
      • Wyvern Mounts.
    • Short Adventure Ideas
    • Scenario: In the Belly of the Eel
    • Barran PC Profiles.
      • Barran the Monster-Killer
      • Amur an Zed, Milnim Sharkblood, & Tazo
      • Sailors
    • Scenario: The Riot
    • Scenario Hooks
    • Scenario: A Home Away from Home
    • Scenario: Black Magic.
    • Arlaten PC Profiles
      • Arlaten the White
      • Mikos the Short
      • Gusan, Doekas, Pharzeela, Kocho
      • Tarleti, Fila, Grunts, Rookies
      • Hainas, Beast of Lead, Shades
      • Aziok , Daughters of Aziok, Aflam Banger.
  • Sorcery Worksheets
  • Arlaten’s Magical Tactics

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