AH8588 Elder Secrets of Glorantha (Box 11 – 1989)

The year is 1623 S.T.

SINCE THE CREATION OF GLORANTHA, many ancient mysteries have lurked in the heart of the world, hidden from all but the most daring. For more than 16 centuries the bravest adventurer-sages have sought these elder secrets. Now you hold the sum of their knowledge in your hands. Such knowledge is dangerous!

Elder Secrets of Glorantha is a compendium of Gloranthan lore covering all the most requested information on this magical world, especially concerning the Elder Races.

The Secrets book includes: Monsters and Terrors (such as the Crimson bat), including complete statistics; Unique Mysteries of Glorantha (such as the Egg of Erangalos Karastomabor); Secrets of Dragonkind; full rules and coverage of Magical Crystals and Metals; inaccessible Lands (such as Wongarissi, land of the feared slarges); Sky of Glorantha (all important heavenly bodies); Secrets of Gloranthan Weather, HeroQuesting.

The Elder Races Book covers the important Elder Races, including Aldryami (‘elves’ to the uninitiated), Mostali (dwarfs), Uz (trolls), Broos, Ogres, Jelmre, Tusk Riders, and many more,
as well as complete character generation and Previous Experience. New RuneQuest
religions; such as Cacodemon and the Cult of the Bloody Tusk, are described. Importantly, this book includes 25+ scenario outlines, one or more for each Elder Race Finally, a detailed MULTI-COLORED MAP shows exact locations for major Elder Races.

Possession of Deluxe RuneQuest is necessary for the play of Elder Secrets.


  • Secrets Book 1
  • Elder Races Book 2
  • Map of Glorantha. Showing Major Human And Elder Race Regions.
  • Authors: Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen
  • Project: William Dunn Editors: William Dunn, John D. Holmes
  • Graphic Design and Production: William Dunn, John B. Monroe
  • ISBN: 056038-006-3


AH8588Elder Secrets of Glorantha1989Avalon HillBox 11

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