Dragon Pass (1983)

Driven shamefully from his home, and his rightful throne, the valiant Prince Argrath lived long among the Nomad Tribes. After years of lonely exile, fate has called him forth to reclaim the lands of Sartar and wreak terrible vengeance on the people of the Red Moon.

In the Temples of the Reaching Moon, focus of the might of this Scarlet Imperium, the forces of empire stand ready to withstand any aggressor. For the glory of the Living Goddess, you are dedicated to withstand all aggression and expand the holdings of the Red Emperor, the Immortal Son of the Goddess
and ruler of her holy empire.

In the deadly hills and quiet valleys of the pass, a plethora of diverse peoples care for their own
affairs. Here they stand, they will not be moved. Their forces stand ever-ready to secure their realms from the threat that most endangers their existence They are independents, powerful and deadly.

Dragon Pass is the most highly acclaimed Fantasy board game ever to be produced. Through its magic, the Players are transported into the Wars of Argrath’s Return on the majestic world of Glorantha.

Valiant players are challenged to take up the sword of Sartar and reclaim its lands, to don the helm of the Red Empire and destroy the upstart who demeans the Red Moon or to wield the forces of the independents in a desperate struggle for survival.

In a multitude of exciting scenarios, these challenges, and more, are put to you. This outstanding game includes a beautifully written rule book, a detailed map and three hundred counters that depict the forces of these realms.
It presents novel, innovative rules in an easily understandable and enjoyable format. In all of its precisely detailed and challenging scenarios, Dragon Pass demands that you face and master challenges in mortal and arcane combat beyond any that can be experienced elsewhere. Dragon Pass is truly a triumph in Fantasy Gaming that must be revelled in to be believed.

Dragon Pass was first produced as White Bear/Red Moon, an Introduction to the world of Glorantha. The Avalon Hill Game Company is proud to present this revised version of a truly Fantastic Masterpiece.


  • Design: Robert Corbett And Greg Stafford
  • Map Counter Illustrations: William Church
  • Interior Illustrations: Steve Swenston; Steve Oliff
  • Contributing Playtesters: Peter Giampaoli, David Helmbold, Dana Hootman, Lynn Willis, David Yepp.
  • Playtesters: Tadashi Ehara, Bill Johnson, Charlie Krank, Jack Rady, Rory Root, Ray Turney, Andy Well

Editions & Related Editions

SKUYearName & EditionPublisherNotes
1983Dragon PassAvalon Hill
CHA1001e11975White Bear & Red Moon, 1st editionChaosium
CHA1001e21976White Bear & Red Moon, 2nd editionChaosium800 copies
CHA1001e31978White Bear & Red Moon, 3rd editionChaosium1,000 copies
CHA1001e3.51979White Bear & Red Moon, 3rd edition (3.5)Chaosium1,000 copies
CHA1001-X1980Dragon PassChaosium
1993La Guerre des HérosOriflamFrench edition
No. 8491988ドラゴン・パス Dragon PassHobby JapanJapanese edition
2014Dragon Pass VASSAL Module v0.3 (2017)with permission of Moon DesignBased on Chaosium (1981) edition

Box Contents

A complete game of Dragon Pass consists of the following items:

  • 1 mapboard
  • 2 die-cut counter sheets
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 six-sided die
  • 1 player aid card

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