Alynx god, Ancestor of Shadow Cats

  • Orlanthi pantheon

The god of shadow cats is a half-brother to Orlanth, born of the same mountain mother. The lesser animal god served as Orlanth’s friend and ally through all his wars, and is now honored in the storm pantheon for it.

His image is either that of the animal, or of a human with the animal’s head.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
Cults of Glorantha Preview3512019
RuneQuest Glorantha3102018
HeroQuest Glorantha1432012Runes only
Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes1122009Notes only
Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes1792009
HeroQuest1222009Runes only
Storm Tribe1812001
Common and uncommon runes2004Affinity: Sensuality
River of Cradles1611992Orlanth associate cult
Cult Compendium862002Orlanthi Genealogy

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