Sedenya the Red Goddess

Goddess of the Red Moon

Moon Goddess, Mistress of Time, Sister of Chaos, and Lurker Upon the Veil, goddess of illumination are some other titles given to this unique goddess. She was born in the Gods Age but was broken and scattered during prehistoric wars — not quite dead but not quite alive either. After the world was renewed by the Seven Lightbringers and Time was begun, this goddess was reassembled and reborn after centuries of planning and trying by a band of secret worshipers. Although she was born inside of Time, and therefore was mortal, she quickly developed her natural abilities and set off upon a dread Godquest which ended with her apotheosis only 27 years after her birth.

The Red Goddess founded the Lunar cult, a religion which is a strange mixture of mysticism and practical magic, of barbaric cruelty and dignified beauty, of freedom and of tyranny. Its philosophies are unique and complex. The Red Goddess worked, danced, and fought her way into the fabric of the world. She has taken for her domain the Middle Air, and so earned the eternal enmity of Orlanth and other air gods. Her cult spreads far beyond the bounds of her Empire and is very powerful, including many lesser deities within it.

She is often portrayed with red skin, sitting cross legged, draped in a white gown with a neckline which plunges in a V to her navel. Her hands are formed in the signs of welcome and of peace.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal
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Moon Phase
As Sedenya
Runes only
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HeroQuest1212009runes only
Common and uncommon runes2004As Red Moon
Personal Rune only
Common and uncommon runes2004As Rufelza
Meaning: Red Moon
Common and uncommon runes2004As Sedenya
Meaning: Moon, Lunar Religion
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