Hyalor Horsebreaker


Hyalor Horsebreaker was a leader among men and a descendant of Yamsur. He once saved Hippoi, a crippled spirit, from death. Together they formed an alliance, Hippoi changed her name and identity, and now she is called Horse. Man got the better of the alliance, for ever since then her descendants have worked more for man than man has worked for the horse.

Hyalor also performed other great deeds among men, namely those which eventually set apart a gentleman from those of lower class. Among the horsemen of Pent, Hyalor is the model chieftain.

He is always shown mounted, usually holding the bridle he used to bind Hippoi.

Hyalor was the first horseman, his children brought horses to the Vingkotlings and taught them how to raise and ride those noble animals.

Write upPageYearRunesPersonal RuneNotes
RuneQuest Glorantha1162018Mention
Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes1532009Elmal subcult
RuneQuest Deluxe, Glorantha Book201984Dendara associate cult

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