CHA4008 Cults of Prax (1979, 2016)

The Book

In the fantasy role-playing game RuneQuest magic works because the relations between the spiritual and the physical plane are immediate and concrete … maintaining good relations with your chosen god allows you to learn special magic, provides you with trusty companions in a cut-throat world, and you may even roll for Divine Intervention to escape a tight place. RuneQuest and its universe link with a depth and a consistency unparalleled in gaming

Cults of Prax is RuneQuest’s first major supplement, and it explores the dominant religions in a particular area of Genertela more closely than it was possible to do before, beginning with the most primitive ancestor worship, passing through the tribal deities of the simple nomad barbarians, and exploring the intricacies of the more civilized Lightbringer cults with trader deities and a god of knowledge. Though all cults receive a broad range of capabilities from their divine relationships, there are some deities specializing in certain activities and areas, such as a war god, a city god, and the mysterious Lunar cult. Finally, there are religions of non-human races including the elf cult and two troll cults.

The book offers over 100 new Rune and battle magic spells, and skills, always giving relevant information to the gamer intent on well-progressing characters. The wealth of new material is applicable conceptually to any role-playing game or campaign, and referees will enjoy the many new lines of thought and the dozens of examples of tribal behavior, which can corroborate any campaign. The excerpts from the Travels of Biturian Varosh can springboard more than a dozen situations or scenarios.

Fifteen cults are detailed. A special chapter offers guidelines for designing additional religions. There are many appendices, including a day-by-day sun-time calendar.

Descriptions combine sociology, religion, poetry, and magic to construct the critically important balance between realism and playability necessary for a full, flavorful campaign. The data within offers player-characters unique opportunities to advance themselves without killing monsters if they so wish, and provides details of the everyday lives of non-player characters. No other work available rivals Cults of Prax either in imaginative scope or in fine detail.

Each description includes

Mythos and History The acts of the gods before time began, the behavior of the cult since time began, life after death promised to cult members, Runic associations.

Nature of the Cult why the cult continues to exist, what its socio-political position and power has been, some of its major likes and dislikes.

Cult Organization — both inter-cult and intra-temple structures are examined, and centers of power, holy places, holy days.

Cult Membership — four major sections exam in sequence the requirements to join (species, birth, ability, money, offerings, etc.), the requirements to remain in the cult (sacrifices, hates, geases and gifts, codes of conduct, etc.), the benefits received from the cult (subsistence, training, healing, etc.), the skills taught or restricted, the battle magic available or denied, skills and spells peculiar to the cult, Rune magic availability by membership level, peculiar duties by level, etc.

These aspects are examined in separate sections for Lay Membership, Initiate Membership, Rune Lord Membership, and Rune Priest Membership.

Subservient Cults — includes spirits of reprisal (or what keeps you on the straight and narrow in such a world) and various hero cults, which may offer additional Rune spells.

Associated Cults — from actions during Godtime or after, certain cults are more friendly to one another and will loan certain Rune spells or skills.

Miscellaneous Notes — among the most interesting sections, giving information on diet, behavior, dress, conceptions of the universe, ethics, ostentatious display, behavior toward members of other cults, more.

These cults

  • Aldrya (elf-goddess)
  • Chalana Arroy (healer)
  • Daka Fal (ancestor worship)
  • Eiritha (herd mother)
  • Humakt (war god)
  • Issaries (trader god)
  • Kygor Litor (troll ancestress)
  • Lhankor Mhy (knowledge lor)
  • Orlanth (god of adventurers)
  • Pavis (city god)
  • Seven Mothers (the Lunar cult)
  • Storm Bull (berserker god)
  • Waha (nomad chieftain deity)
  • Yelmalio (mercenary god of light)
  • Zorak Zoran (troll war god)


Original Credits:

  • Author(s): Steve Perrin, Greg Stafford
  • Art Credits: Steve Swenston (cover), William Church (Runes and Biturian’s Map), Interior Art: William Church, Guy Conrad, Gene Day, Luise Perrin, Steve Swenston

Classic Edition:

  • Proofreading by Martin Helsdon and Sue O’Brien.
  • Layout by Rick Meints and Nicholas Nacario.
  • ISBN# 978-1-56882-141-2

System: RuneQuest2


The RuneQuest Classic Edition Kickstarter recreations are identified as Classic editions.

CHA4008e1Cults of Prax19791st printing, Also known as SP7. Steve Swenston cover.
CHA4008e2Cults of Prax19812nd printing. William Church map cover.
CHA4008gwCults of Prax1982published under licence by Games Workshop. William Church map cover.
CHA4008Cults of Prax2016Classic edition. Steve Swenston cover.
CHA4008-PDFCults of Prax2016Classic edition PDF
CHA4008-PODCults of Prax2020Classic edition POD


  • Introduction
    • About this Book
    • Gloranthan Calendar
    • The Sample Cult Cult Outline
    • Devising Rune Spells
    • Travels of Biturian Varosh
    • Map of Biturian’s Route
  • The Barbarian Gods
    • Daka Fal
    • Storm Bull
    • Waha
    • Eiritha
  • The Invader Gods
    • Humakt
    • The Seven Mothers
    • Pavis
    • Yelmalio
  • The Lightbringer Gods
    • Issaries
    • Chalana Arroy
    • Lhankor Mhy
    • Orlanth
  • The Non-Human Gods
    • Kyger Litor
    • Zorak Zoran
    • Aldrya
  • Appendices
    • A. Cult Compatibility
    • B. Nomad Weapons and Magic
    • C. Cult Membership by Tribe
    • D. New Weapons Data
    • E. Calendar of Holy Days
    • F. New Skills
    • G. New Battle Magics
    • H. Truestones
    • I. New Rune Magics
    • J. Slaves Bracelets, etc.
    • K. Weapons use
    • L. Other Gloranthan Material
    • M. Chronology
    • N. Biturian Departs Prax
    • O. Cults Of Prax – Other Printings (only Classic edition)

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