Father of Peasants and Volcanoes, The Low Fire

This god is brother to Dayzatar and Yelm, and father of the three Lowfires. Where Dayzatar sought mysticism, and Yelm suffered to prove his worth, Lodril always sought pleasure in common life. At his worst Lodril personifies carnal gratification, totally unhindered by civilized mores. At best he is the personification of the common man.

When Lodril came to earth he became Volcano God. During the Gods War, the Sky Spear pierced the earth trying to impale a slimy thing of chaos. Rather than holding firm, the Spear snapped and broke freeing Lodril, the god who lived inside the weapon. He is sometimes thought of as the source of heat without light. In Kethaela there exists an immense volcano called Lodril’s First Home.

Lodril is usually depicted as a crude but powerful peasant among the solar worshipers, sometimes even portrayed as a slovenly, overweight sot. Among the Pamaltelans he is shown on baskets as a warrior carrying both a long and a short spear.

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