Aldryami pantheon — goddess of the woods

This goddess rules in all regions where trees dominate: pine forests, deciduous woodlands, and tropical jungle. She commands everything within the woods including plants, animals, wells and springs, bright glades and dappled glens, emptiness and shadow, ghosts, and terrifying spirits.

Aldrya is also mother of elves and dryads, who are her servants in the forests. In an ancient time referred to as the Green Age, Aldrya and the elves ruled all the world. She is now bitter about the loss of her preeminence, which explains why woods are intrinsically creepy to mankind.

Elves depict her as a tree with many different leaves and fruits upon her, humans as a beautiful dryad.

Cult Compendium1972002Elf GenealogyDaughter of Flamal & Ernalda
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