Young Elementals

Source of primal magic

When the Spike exploded and left a jagged gap in the world, creation again anew within that gap just as it had occurred originally. This new creation expanded and grew, separated from the rest of the world by an impassable barrier of chaos. First darkness formed in this miniature new universe, then water, then earth, then sky. These were the Young Elementals. Air might have formed next, but the Gods War ended and the new creation ceased, trapped outside of Time.

When the Red Goddess came, she released the Young Elementals from their imprisonment. Their cults generally are unsophisticated and simple, fulfilling more mystical than religious interests. They are vulgarly named Damosel Darkness, Squire Sea, Lady Land, and Liege Light.

These deities are usually shown grouped as four columnar statues, black, blue, green, and yellow. They are sometimes shown as young men and women, skins colored as their elements, serving the red goddess.

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RuneQuest Glorantha3042018Notes only
Cult Compendium1002002Notes only
Cults of Prax451978Other Lunar Cult

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