Aldryami and Solar pantheons — frontier god

After the sun fell and the sky retreated from the surface world, when the volcanoes went cold and the hearthfires were but glowing coals, Yelmalio remained. Wounded, robbed, and hounded from place to place, Yelmalio carried the spark of life throughout the Darkness. Frozen, limping through the leafless forests, the glow of Yelmalio warmed the elves and humans who clung to the light. He fought fiercely, and in the Greater Darkness even aided Orlanth, an old foe who grudgingly settled their feud.

He is shown as a warrior, carrying a long spear and armored in gold.

Cult Compendium862002Orlanthi Genealogy
Write uppageyearRunesNotes
RuneQuest Glorantha3082018
HeroQuest Glorantha1432012Runes only
Pavis, Gateway to Adventure112012Zebra Rider variant
Pavis, Gateway to Adventure3792012
Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes1122009Notes only
Cult Compendium1332002

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