God of war, armies, and dance

Polaris led the armies of the Upper World in the Gods War. When the Spike exploded a hole appeared in the sky dome. Around that hole Polaris built a fortress to keep bad influences out of heaven. Other star captains created similar strongholds from whence the forces of light sallied to aid the dark world below. Polaris also calculated the rock and tilt of the broken sky-dome to coordinate the movements of his forces in the heavens. He sheltered the goddess of dance and thus was born the harmony of the heavens, which reflects both the beauty of dance and the precision of military drill.

Polaris is noted for his courage and unswerving loyalty, and is worshiped as the General of Heaven. Commanding officers of many large civilized armies sacrifice to him for aid in battle.

He is usually shown standing stiffly upright, armored, crowned, and holding a rolled scroll in his left hand.

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