MGP5592 Signs and Portents 92 (2011)

Deux Vult: The Lost Hoffman Schematics: Part 1

By Carl Walmsley

Brother Hoffman is far and away the most talented inventor to have passed through the ranks of The Order. As a Prior Artifex, he was without equal. His devices have aided countless hieromonks to overcome supernatural foes that would otherwise have bested them.

Clockwork & Chivalry: The Mad Monk of the Moss

By Peter Cakebread and Ken Walton

This is an adventure for a group of Royalist adventurers.

Glorantha: Devil’s Gulch

By Bruce Mason and Dyson Logos

This adventure is written to be setting neutral and provides enough information for a single session. Devil’s Gulch is meant to provide seasoned or even veteran adventurers with a run for their money.

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