MGP5551 Signs & Portents 51 (2007)

RuneQuest: Legendary Swords

Blades of legend, statted up for RuneQuest. By Carl Walmsley

Excalibur got all the press, but there are plenty of other swords of legend that your characters can emulate or steal.

Glorantha: The Voralans

Aldryami Addendum #3: Black Elfs. By Shannon Appelcline.

The third and final aldryami addendum looks at the fungus people of Glorantha. ‘Fungi’ puns are welcome.

Elric: A Young Kingdoms Digest

Charles Green presents a collection of game stats for the denizens of the Young Kingdoms most likely to interact with a group of player characters.

Non-Player Characters for Elric, statted up and ready to die on the end of your big black sword.

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